Nautel HD Radio Power Calculator

Whether you are transitioning to HD Radiotm broadcasting or are considering increasing your current IBOC injection levels, it is important to understand what options are available to you.  To aid broadcasters make an informed decision Nautel has developed the HD Radio Power Calculator.

The HD Radio Power Calculator is a tool designed to help broadcasters understand what their options are for increasing digital power on their current Nautel transmitter or what power level they should be considering for a new transmitter.  The HD Radio Power Calculator also shows the impact of Nautel's new HD PowerBoost technology on transmitter output power.  HD PowerBoosttm is a powerful new tool that can increase power levels of Nautel transmitters by up to 30% and increase operating efficiency by up to 7%.  HD PowerBoost also enables the use of asymmetric sideband power levels when required. 

After clicking the button below you will be asked for information specific to your station and your desired IBOC injection levels.  This information will then be forwarded to Nautel staff who will use the values you provide to do a comprehensive HD Radio power calculation.  The results of this calculation will be returned to you via email within two business days.  Feel free to complete this form as many times as necessary. 


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